Hello. I am Salicylic_acid3 from DIY-Keyboard Guide.


今回はSeeed Fusion DIY XIAO Mechanical Keyboard Contest用に作った7Nano(ナナナノ)のことを紹介したいと思います。

I would like to introduce 7Nano, which I built for the Seeed Fusion DIY XIAO Mechanical Keyboard Contest.

出来たもの - The finished product

コンセプト - Concept


  1. 5mmインテグレーテッドマウントかつスタビの共存
  2. ケースの意匠を自分なりに凝ってみる
  3. ピンヘッダを使ってソケット裏にXiaoマイコンボードを付けてみる
  4. PRK Firmwareに対応する
  5. LEDを光らせる
  6. 3Dプリントケースに直接タップネジを使う

Because it was designed to be distributed as a simplified version of Ent4Space based on our experience with Ent4Space, many parts are similar to Ent4Space and there are fewer individual challenging parts.

  1. Coexistence of 5mm thick integrated mount and stabilizer

  2. Consider my favorite elaborate case design

  3. Attach Xiao microcontroller board behind the socket using pin headers

  4. Support PRK Firmware

  5. Make the LEDs glow

  6. Use tap screws directly on the 3D printed case

1.5mmインテグレーテッドマウントかつスタビの共存 - Coexistence of 5mm thick integrated mount and stabilizer





(Feedback from Ent4Space)

I see quite a bit of potential in 5mm-thick integrated-mount aluminum cases, and I am working on various ways to make them low-cost and good hitting feel.

I was initially thinking of using a machined aluminum case for the 7Nano as well as the Ent4Space, but halfway through the design process, I decided to use only a 3D printed case.

The reason was that the resin case was better than expected and it could be made at a lower cost.

2.ケースの意匠を自分なりに凝ってみる - Consider my favorite elaborate case design





(Feedback from Ent4Space)

I am aware that I am not a person of good taste, so I have never had a keyboard with an exquisite design.

However, I wanted to try my hand at designing a keyboard since the latest keyboards have quite elaborate designs.

My favorite design is straight lines and angular, so I wanted to try a linear design with a large beveled edge.



Also, this side design is often said to "look like a whale," but does it look like a whale?

As far as I'm concerned, it's the best looking, but design is difficult.




As feedback from Ent4Space, the edges of the case were beautifully made by 3D printing.

Also, the metal case did not allow light to pass through, but the LED light did.

This was better than we expected and was the reason for the change to use 3D printing.

A white case allows light to pass through dimly.

A transparent case makes it glow coolly.

3.ピンヘッダを使ってソケット裏にXiaoマイコンボードを付けてみる - Attach Xiao microcontroller board behind the socket using pin headers





MOMOKA Silver Bullet Keyboard Cableshop.yushakobo.jp

I decided to try a common configuration of attaching a microcontroller to the back of the key socket.

I thought it was a know-how that could be used for quite a few other keyboards, so I gave it a try.

As you can see in the picture below, 7Nano has decided to build a cable connector inside.

The disadvantage is that the cable cannot be removed, but this disadvantage can be canceled out by using a relay connector like the cable used in this picture. 

MOMOKA Silver Bullet Keyboard Cableshop.yushakobo.jp


It might be possible to put the keyswitch vertically to keep the USB connector out, but my policy did not allow me to put the keys vertically.

4.PRK Firmwareに対応する - Support PRK Firmware


PRK Firmwareの作者の(@hasumikin)に感謝です。

This was very easy.

Thanks to the author of PRK Firmware (@hasumikin).


5.LEDを光らせる - Make the LEDs glow



I connected the LED directly to it, but it did not light up.

I put a diode between the LED and the LED and it lit up. (Thanks Monksoffunk!)


6.3Dプリントケースに直接タップネジを使う - Use tap screws directly on the 3D printed case





When it comes to 3D printed cases, the mainstream method is to embed an insert nut or fit a spacer into the case.

However, 7Nano uses a direct tapped screw to make it inexpensive and simple.

Instead of ordinary tap screws, we use tap screws for 3D printers. (I found out about their existence when I stocked up on screws and saw an ad for them.)

They went in very securely and did not loosen after about 10 re-tightenings.(The screw goes in so tight that it almost looks like it is going to be nipped.)

Insert nuts may be safer for larger, more expensive cases, but for the smaller, less expensive 7Nano, I found these to be more appropriate.


Tap screws are used in the red circled area (one could not be used because the hole was misaligned)

些細な宣伝 - advertisement


*7Nano did not use the contest's PCB manufacturing coupon and placed its own order.







また、頒布しないとSeeed Fusion DIY XIAO Mechanical Keyboard Contest的に良くないのかな、と思い7Nanoマクロパッドというものを作りました。

7NanoマクロパッドはEnt4Spaceを小さくまとめたケース形状でPRK Firmwareに対応し、安価に製造できるような作りにしてあります。



I did many challenging things with this Ent4Space macro pad.

However, I thought it would not be good for the Seeed Fusion DIY XIAO Mechanical Keyboard Contest if I did not distribute it, so I created the 7Nano Macro Pad.

The 7Nano Macro Pad is a smaller version of the Ent4Space case that is compatible with PRK Firmware and can be manufactured inexpensively.

We will soon write an article about the 7Nano Macro Pad, so please stay tuned.

And thank you Seeed for such an interesting project.


Ent4Spaceは実験的なことをやりすぎてSeeed Fusion DIY XIAO Mechanical Keyboard Contestとしてはちょっと違うかなと思いましたので、無難な頒布用マクロパッドを作ってみました。



I thought Ent4Space was too experimental to be a Seeed Fusion DIY XIAO Mechanical Keyboard Contest, so I made a macro pad for safe distribution.

I have already ordered the case, so I would like to start distributing it in small quantities.

However, the transparent case is more expensive than the machined aluminum case, so I ordered a normal white and black case.


If you have any requests for changes or updates to the information in this article, please feel free to contact me on my Discord.


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This article was written by Naked64SF v3 Proto3.